We redefine the specialized facility services landscape

Buildingcare helps clients maintain optimal conversation with their audience through their built environment.

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We are Buildingcare

Buildingcare is a pioneering facility services company dedicated to specialized property maintenance and architectural finishes supply and install. We are creators. We are curators. We are curious, absorbed by materials and human-building interactions. Forward-thinkers, involved in exceptional projects for fascinating clients. Buildingcare helps clients maintain asset value and appeal, orchestrate a sense of well-being and satisfy the subconscious.

Quality beyond measure

Residential and commercial buildings facilitate life, work and play. They are an extension of our identity, of who we are and what we want to portray to the world. We spend most of our time inside and around buildings. Their design, functionality and maintenance condition strongly effect our mood, behaviour and productivity.

Our brands

At Building Care we provide our subsidiaries with strong management and hands-on support to grow core businesses, launch new initiatives, make add-on acquisitions and enhance their performance.

Support pillar

Our uniquely positioned portfolio companies leverage on their heritage, deep domain knowledge and their understanding of mechanical and chemical behaviour of materials and building finishes to offer clients exceptional service and sustainable value.

Let's team up

We’re at our best when we cooperate.

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